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Till Wolfer / N55

Installation 2017
10 June 18 pm Showcase with Till Wolfer and Dirk Manns

The CIRCULAR LIVING SYSTEM is a closed-loop system for the local and independent production of food from one’s own waste. On the one hand, it enables people to cultivate plants locally and to cook them. On the other hand, biodegradable waste and bodily waste can be reused in an integrated DIY bio gas facility: They become cooking gas and fertiliser for the next food production.

The CIRCULAR LIVING SYSTEM thus proposes an alternative to the one-way street of food imports, consumption and waste exports: a local, self-sustaining cycle paving the way for a form of food production and waste management under self-determinable conditions.

The CIRCULAR LIVING SYSTEM is made up of four circularly interconnected elements:
- A local garden – fertilized through one’s one bio waste
- A cooking station – operated with selfproduced biogas
- A collecting station – bio waste and collective toilet for faeces upcycling
- A DIY biogas facility – produces biogas for cooking and garden fertiliser from bio waste

The CIRCULAR LIVING SYSTEM is based on the open-source system XYZ OPEN CITY by N55 & Till Wolfer – a modular construction system for rooms, infrastructure and alternative realities. All components can be self-produced with hand tools from standard materials and at a low cost. The system was developed by Till Wolfer & N55 in cooperation with Dirk Manns, departing from the XYZ OPEN CITY by N55 & Till Wolfer.

Installation view


Till Wolfer / N55 — Hamburg / Kopenhagen

He is a member of N55 and co-founder of XYZ CARGO. He is a designer and producer of concrete utopias. With his work approach, he not only deals with the questions of what a world could look like that is more just, balanced and liveable for all of us, but he also designs situations and systems aimed at providing concrete answers to these queries. N55 is a platform for people who want to work together, who wish to share environments, economies and concepts of production methods. N55 currently has studios in Copenhagen (Ion Sorvin & Anne Romme) and in Hamburg (Till Wolfer). For N55 art is a form of communication. It represents a way to create distinctive situations suited to inspire people to rethink and rework their daily routines: from open-source hardware, to mobile micro-houses and systems for self-sufficient energy production, to DIY tools for appropriating the city. The focus lies on empowering users to create for themselves a basis for a more self-determined and free way of life. All N55 works are published online under Creative Commons (by N55 & Till Wolfer, CC – BY-NC-SA-3.0) in the form of MANUALS and they are all based on inexpensive and accessible production tools.


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